Meredith Ostrom: (P)arty girl!


Sunday Times Style Magazine.
My ritual for Sunday mornings was disturbed last weekend and I was not a happy bunny.
I opened the glossy pages expectantly and immediately threw my head on the desk.
"This woman paints with her tits! What the hell's the point in learning to paint properly when she makes… hooow much…with her tits!? Thousands of dollars in galleries!?"
Yes, the article that gave me a slight bruise on my forehead last sunday morning was celebrating the new works of the newest Damien Hirst-ette: Meredith Ostrom.
After a couple of years studying art at university I've begun to appreciate all sorts of art that I wouldn't have given a second glance a couple of years ago – Martin Creed's Blue Tack stuck to a wall I can now handle and Damien Hirst just about washes with me. However, while Creed wrote essays to explain his pieces and Hirst's work is shallow but visually incredible, Ostrom's work seems to lack both concept and content. 

Her newest series entitled Diamond Dust Bust or DDB is a series of paintings created by Ostrom rolling in paint, then diamond dust, then rolling onto a canvas. Sounds like a very expensive way of making a mess to me. Ostrom says that with this she's making fun of Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst, Hirst apparently took it well but Warhol of course can't defend himself. Call me old fashioned but I think its bad taste to mock of one of art's greatest greats after their death, especially by slapping some painted breasts against a canvas. Ostrom is a successful model and actress but hopefully she isn't quite so deluded as to think she's up there with the founding father of Pop Art just yet.
I'm not exactly sure how DDB 'makes fun of Hirst' either – I'd say it just jumps on the diamond-art bandwagon that Hirst made such a success out of. It doesn't really take a genius to realise that expensive materials = high selling price.

It does take a genius to turn very little into something that could achieve a high selling price and, more importantly, recognition.

The article in the Style mag paints a picture of Ostrom as an actor-turned artist, a model and party goer. She's stunning, and let's be honest – what man wouldn't pay to have the imprint of a naked model on his wall?! Her work is by no means ugly, some of the more abstract pieces are a beautiful combination of colours and I can just about imagine it on the wall in Pizza Express along with the usual £25 canvases that line the walls of dimly lit restaurants…

Anyway, enough from me! Ostrom's work isn't on show in the UK at the moment as far as I can find out, but the Saatchi gallery hold a collection so have a peek here and see what you make of it…

"We need to find a niche!" my friend said when we were trying to come up with our next 'get recognised quick' plan yesterday, "Something we've got that not everyone has…."
Dammit already taken.

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