“I tried to be like Grace Kelly..but all her looks were too sad..” Grace Kelly’s wardrobe @ the V&A

Having heard Mika's review of Grace Kelly's looks, we decided to see if they really were too sad at the V&A!

At £4 for students (another bargain exhibition!) we couldn't resist taking a peek at the wardrobe of this style icon, but afterwards I was glad it had only been £4 as in my eyes any more would have been a bit of a rip off.
The gowns were beautiful and the intimate little films about her life helped to build up a picture of this glamorous Hollywood star but we were left with more questions than answers when we left, and I'm actually going to have to find some of them out now or it's going to drive me mad!
A couple of odd things confused us… the dresses were set back about a foot into the display cases and were raised so we couldn't work out her height, some looked really tall and made for some kind of Beyonce Amazonian woman whereas some were teeny weeny!
Then there was the Bride section including a film of her wedding and info about Prince Ranier… but where was the dress!? Major disappointment there – if there's one thing you can guarantee all girls want a sneaky peek at it's going to be a wedding dress! After researching it I've just found out it was made by 36 seamstresses… now I really do want to see it. 
Oh well, my fault …ignorance is bliss, and curiosity killed the cat.

I think my favourite parts would have to be the hand drawn sketches of Kelly's elaborate hairdos and the fashion photos, however I suppose that's just because I personally prefer illustration and photography so don't take too much notice of my biased view. 
If you love clothes and have a bit of cash to splash on a "must have nice clothes too" post-Kelly shopping spree then go have a look! Just remember to grab a student I.D. from somewhere and you can spend the £1.50 you save on an ice cream in the V&A courtyard (as afore mentioned: new favourite place).

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