Maison Vintage at BHS: Cath Kidston meets Urban Outfitters without the painful price tag!

So… my friends and I have just started renting a house next to Edgbaston Cricket ground in Birmingham and a new room means a new look!

I'd heard that BHS had a new range and thought I'd check it out. 
On entering the store I was a little dubious, surely beige skirts and embroidered polo shirts couldn't be followed by anything half decent, right?
Upstairs I ended up in the little homeware section and spotted some Cath Kidston-esque bedding and some cute little pieces of wall art I just had to have (see piccies).
Only £6 for plaques and other pieces of wall art and £25 was pretty good for a set of double bedding. 
Although I probably won't be admitting its BHS ("Cath Kidston dahhhling!") it just goes to show that us students can have cute kitsch rooms on a budget! 
So I'm going to be ordering a few more things from BHS online, there's a better range and I won't have to push through rails of some of the high street's worst fashion mistakes.
Next stop Primarni… I do love Urban Outfitters and Cath Kiston but that'll have to wait until the student loan comes in!

In conclusion: poverty-stricken students it's worth checking out charity shops and pensioner's department stores to make your houses look like home!
I'm going to be bargain hunting my way though some of the highstreet's worst shopping experiences to get my little room looking less shabby and more shabby-chic –
 I'll keep you posted.


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