S’warm in the capital! http://www.ideastap.com/swarm ….BUZZZZZZZZZ


Yesterday I had a day off work so I decided to get away and went off to see Surreal House at the Barbican (more on that later!), after getting hopelessly lost in Bank tube station I found myself on a tube going to St Paul's Cathedral where I jumped off so I could walk across the Millennium Bridge and have a nice wander along Southbank back to Waterloo.

Sometimes getting lost works out very well! 

As I started walking across the bridge 600 people in full bee-keeping outfits started walking over the Millennium bridge from the Tate Modern. They walked across the bridge, walked round in a circle and then made their way back to the Tate, each copying any movements the 'bee' in front made.
I took a few pics and assumed it was something put on by the Tate as it seemed like their kind of thing.

Then as I was walking back to Waterloo a young woman who turned out to be the "Queen Bee" asked me if Waterloo was walking distance, I said I was going that way and we got chatting! So glad I bumped into her or I probably would never have known what the performance was all about.
Turns out S'warm as it's called is a site specific performance being put on by the National Youth Theatre this week and it ends at Canary Wharf on Sunday, they've covered Battersea and Southbank and are going to be performing at the National History Museum today and along the Thames tomorrow. It's all in aid of the common honeybee, which is dying out so much so that Queen Bee told me that the human race will die out in less than ten year's time if we don't sort the problem out

No bees mean no pollination means no crops means no food for us or for animals.. OUCH. 

Find out more here…http://www.ideastap.com/swarm

Go on, have a look and help! They're giving out packets of poppy seeds in the capital to try to encourage people to help the humble honeybee, so if you can't get down there go to Tesco, buy a £1 packet of seeds and do a little something to help a little someone who helps us a LOT.

Einstein famously said "If the bee disappeared off the surface of the earth, man would have only four years to live."
We can all do a little or a lot to make sure that doesn't happen 🙂



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