Jan Svankmajer…very clever surrealist film maker man!

Surreal House at the Barbican featured Svankmajer's 1971 Jabberwocky and 1983 Down to the Cellar…two brilliantly creepy short films.

Jabberwocky's loosely based on Lewis Carrol's poem of the same name, and Down to the Cellar is from a child's perspective and illustrates irrational childhood fears.
Many of his films are from childrens' perspectives which make them easy to relate to as most people will have been terrified of the monster under the bed or the ghosts in the attic… well maybe just me for the second one.

He's a genius with stop-motion, objects disappear and move about as if possessed and the fact that the films are more juddery and imperfect makes them more nightmarish and surreal. It's actually nice to see older techniques of animation before computer graphics and green screens took everything over. 

Anyway…enough from me…here's a clip of 'jabberwocky' and one from 'down to the cellar', the whole lot can be seen at the Barbican until the 12th Sept I think…

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