Pick up your pencils for The Sketchbook Project 2011!


Introducing dadaadadaadaaahh: The Sketchbook Project

The Sketchbook Project is a little gem i came across the other day… it’s run by the Art House co-op in the US and how it works is you choose a theme, buy your sketchbook for about £18, fill it and then post it back before the end of January 2011 and its journey begins! The sketchbooks tour the USA and then finally find a permanent place in The Brooklyn Art Library where you can go and visit your book for years to come! 

As a sketchbook-er you’re sent notifications every time your book is viewed and will be given a barcode so you can detect your book wherever it is! I’ve got no plans to go to the US in the near future but it’s nice to know that if the opportunity arose I’d be able to hunt down a little bit of my work.

So… when I break out of my overdraft and hit a whole £18 in the green then I’m going to give this one a go! 
Theme’s picked, when DR stops appearing on the ATM machine then images of my beautiful moleskin baby will start appearing here.
It’s nice to be part of something big even when you’re only a teeny tiny part of it.


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