Bruges…Phlegmy Flemish and chocolate. Yum!

We skipped on to Bruges after BIG Brussels, and everything was teeny tiny!

Bruges, best for: CHOCOLATE, the very weird and wonderful, getting pushed around by tourists and failing to understand a guttural sound which apparently is a language called Flemish…could’ve fooled me!

Oh and if you want to view a couple of hundred torture methods, head to a few of the galleries. Actually jokes aside, some of the works were amazing; Mr Jan Van Eyck’s one of the great Dutch masters (a bit of a favourite of mine), he pops up quite a lot, and in one of the cathedrals you can take a peek at Michaelangelo’s Madonna and Child which is rather impressive too.

I’d go back, but only later in the year for a cosy little cafe hopping and wintry walks long weekend when the crowds have dispersed and the gorgeous buildings are sprinkled with snow.

Romantic mini break destination 1 – many more to come!

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