Eurotrip…Back to Brussels!

Eurotrip: Second stop.
Brussels was one of the many places that as we got off the train spurred on the question “so, why did we chose this place again…?” This happened regularly as our trip was organised in a 14 hour stint at two laptops in my friend Scarlet’s house aided by wine and pastry as is necessary when your face is glued to a screen for that long. Numb bums and sore tums were the result – oh and possibly the best 26 days of my life.
Brussels is an odd place, extremely beautiful contrasts with the extremely ugly and you’re never sure quite what’s around the corner. However the one thing you can be sure of in Brussels is that whatever it is – Gothic architecture, hideous office buildings, flea markets and junkshops, or (possibly the favourite) beer – it’ll be BIG.

Brussels, best for: Flea markets, junk shops and beer!


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