Zurich…I wish I was a millionaire so frickin’ bad…

Zurich! Gorgeous, beautiful, painfully expensive Zurich!

Travel Tip: On night trains, do not get couchettes! This is what you’ll end up with…

We hop onto the train at Cologne only to be put to bed immediately by a gruff German guard, stacked up on three levels to the roof of the cabin in alarmingly close proximity to all sorts of odd people you meet on your travels. To add to this, the train is rickety so you’re rolling around in a teeny bed up to about 5ft off the ground with one little foot long bar to save you from plummeting to your death or bouncing over into someone else’s bed. Quite unnerving. Also several times we were woken up, barked at in German as we cowered in our bunks and left – my German’s not too bad but it’s not that easy to translate a screaming German man in your face at 4am.

It all improved once we got to Zurich. Suddenly we decided we were rich, rich beyond your wildest dreams! We paid 12Francs for a shower (about 11 quid) and tottered off in dresses to have breakfast at a patisserie.

Zurich Foodies…

Bircher Muesli is officially the most amazing breakfast creation.

Buchmann’s plum croissants are a MUST to complete the Zurich experience. Melt in the mouth heaven.

Anyway, tasty things aside, we then proceeded to totter up a hill (which we later found out was in fact a mountain) in sunnies, flipflops and our best attire. The sweat, blood and dirtied dresses were completely worth it for the view though. We spent the two days we had in Zurich just walking and sighing at the sights – it really is spectacular.

Of course we couldn’t do much else in Zurich as it’s terrifyingly expensive.

Romantic destination number 2: A July mini-break in Zurich.

Itinerary: Sip on cold champagne whilst shopping for diamonds and pearls by day, and by night watch the sun go down over the lake from a hotel in the mountains…

Maybe next year!


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