Hackney Wick gets Wickeeddd!

I had my first Hackney WickED experience yesterday and it was wonderful!

Open studios, music, flea markets, cinema and all for freeeee!

I went along with my friend Lucy on a beautiful sunny Saturday – great weather for exploring, not such great weather for photographs, especially when you’re armed only with an iPhone! I tried anyway…

I had no idea there were so many studios packed into this cluster of warehouses and disused factories in the East End. It’s also home to the main Olympic Stadium which rises up from the grid of industrial units like a spaceship, just landed.

We spent the afternoon wandering in and out of the towers of this concrete jungle to various booming soundtracks coming from huge sound systems set up in the streets, stopping for a beer now and then. Lovely!

We settled down in a friend’s flat in The Peanut Factory for lunch which she’s opened up as a Ghanaian restaurant, after the success of the last two years I’m sure it’ll be open next year too! We tried the famous Peanut Butter Stew followed by the Guava and Lime Sorbet, all home-made, all delicious!

Art-wise the standard was pretty high; I liked more than I disliked, and for me that’s impressive!

Absolute favourite were the works of Endri Kosturi, just really refreshingly interesting and well done paintings.

The etchings of Rossen Daskalov, surreal paintings of James Trimmer amazing feather lampshades designed by Latorre Cruz also caught my eye.

We could have easily done two days there, with so much to see I think we only scratched the surface – next year I will definitely be giving this little place the huge amount of time it deserves! 


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