A beach in Berlin!? Oh yes…

Back to June and my month-long Eurotrip…

We were blessed with brilliant sunshine every single day in Berlin and after four days of intense history, art and sightseeing we thought we deserved a little beach break so we headed an hour west of central Berlin to little Wannsee. Wannsee boasts long white beaches and shallow fresh waters – which had been nicely warmed by the afternoon sun by the time we arrived.

And how cute are the handy fold-up seats!? Definitely getting my hands on one of those for the post-uni house.

We also found ‘city beaches’ dotted across each of the cities we visited, but the best of them were in Berlin as they faced the Spree. We stopped for a lunchtime cocktail at one next to the East Side Gallery – sitting on deckchairs with sand between our toes with our backs to the Berlin wall and looking down at the river, nice but strange! Wish we’d remembered our bikinis as there was a pool too!


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