Museum of Broken Relationships, Covent Garden

This travelling exhibition from Zagreb is the perfect antidote to all that ‘how to get the perfect guy’, ‘catch him and keep him’, ‘be single and happy’ etc etc etc awful soul-destroying rubbish that appears in every women’s mag…

Trinkets and treasures ranging from Legolas action figures to love letters and wedding dresses fill Covent Garden’s Tristan Bate’s Theatre and 38 Earlham Street until 4th September 4 and tickets are only £3.50 for a week – so if you can’t handle hundreds of break ups in one go, you can spend an entire week indulging in other people’s pain! Just kidding, it’s actually a beautiful collection of artifacts and personal anecdotes written by those who have loved and lost. There’s a touch of bitterness here and there but mostly the stories with the pieces reflect on the mundane, everyday little things with which we remember special people and special times.

Just one last thing: perhaps not brilliant to see if you’ve just broken up with someone (close call for us two…).


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