Venice Biennale ILLUMInations…5 weeks left! Go go go!

Anyone whose read my blog in the past few months will know I spent June darting across mainland Europe with my friend/duplicate Scarlet. We had an amazing time seeing stunning scenery, countless exhibitions, eating amazing food, meeting weird and wonderful people and just getting a bit of ‘cultchhaah’ really! I’d urge anyone whose even got the slightest desire to go to just book your ticket ASAP! It wasn’t like any other holiday I’ve ever been on – physically we became complete messes within about three days and my feet will probably never recover, and despite the amount of strange places we ended up in (a bear pit, a one carriage train chugging through the Czech forests, a hostel which just resembled the set of Hostel – OK that was all in the Czech republic, post on that coming soon) I don’t think I’ve ever spent a month of my life so happy! How brilliant is it to wake up every day and say “so what new and amazing place we’ve never seen before shall we go to today?”.

Honestly, with that little green Interrail ticket the world is your oyster (well Europe at least!).

Anyway, reminiscing aside, one of the places we visited was Venice and my God, did it live up to its name!? I’d never been before and, well, WOW.

We were very lucky to visit whilst the Venice Biennale was on and I’m so glad we did. It’s on until the 27th of November so now’s the time to catch it before it disappears for another four years! We stayed in a wonderful 1* hotel called Albergo Doni Hotel which only cost £70 between us per night – ridiculously cheap for Venice at all, especially as it’s right next to Piazza San Marco (St Mark’s Square to us Brits). The only drawback is that the bathroom is shared between a couple of rooms like most hostels, but it’s clean, very comfortable, brekkie is included and the decor is out of this world! Such a great find that I will most certainly be boarding with Mr Doni again. So that’s your accomodation booked…now onto the show!

Venice is the kind of place you just want to walk through for days and days and days and days…need I go on? The streets are a maze of dead ends, market squares and stunning views of the river (should not have written this post on a gloomy Birmingham day, incredibly depressing!). Anyway, the Biennale allows you to see the streets of Venice and bump into some incredible little exhibitions from artists and galleries across the globe: double whammy!

All of the exhibitions are free except for the Arsenale and The Giardini, two huge gallery-style areas containing the biggest names. We were on a serious budget and reserved it for clams and wine in Venice so we didn’t venture into either of these two, but I don’t feel as if we missed out as we didn’t even get through the fifty or so little gems dotted around the city itself.

So hop on a cheap November flight, call up Albergo, grab your Biennale map and jet off for a bit of wintry warmth!

….Not jealous at all!

However, if like me you’re stuck at uni or work and actually can’t escape, here’s a little taste of Venice in the form of a delicious drink. It’s cold outside, time to get the booze coat on!

The Venetian Spritz

  • 1 part white wine
  • 1 part Aperol, Campari (my personal preference) or San Bitter
  • 1 part sparkling water
  • Ice
  • Olive
  • A slice of orange or lemon

Throw it all together into a large wine glass and MMM done!



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