VIBE. Bournville has more to offer than oompa loompas and a river of chocolate!

A friend of mine has just set up Vibe in Birmingham to host exhibitions around the city for the next few months – not just visual arts but music and spoken word too. He’s got a little portable gallery on the go but I can’t post any pics of it yet…I think it needs some essential waterproofing done before it’s ready to be revealed (definitely necessary for a wet winter in Birmingham!).

I was lucky enough to put a bit of work in his first exhibition which finished on Wednesday. It’s not much, just a laser cut piece of paper which I once used as a projection screen. Out of its original context it’s not my favourite piece of work, but it was hung in front of Scott Bartram’s brilliant piece Belisha Beacons so his flashy light show shone through my narration.

Check out a few pics from the first exhibition here, and there’s definitely going to be much more to come from them. I’m really excited for Vibe and it’s actually keeping me hard at work for once!

Also check out Andre De Jong, he did the flag piece and he’s just a fantastic artist.


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