Merry Monday everyone.

When slogging through a dissertation, what will get you through? Some more words of course!

At the moment I’m just loving the cheesy, inspirational phrases.

So I thought I’d share the smiles! It may be Monday, it may be cold, we may all be skint, but it’s Christmas goddammit – the season of peace, love, joy and all things merry!

Merry Monday every one and all, and here, have some words and pictures.

If you’re the person who wrote this on the back of the Tate Ladies door, I think I’m in love with you. Hey, for a poet, I could turn!

This was hanging on a piece of fabric in New Zealand, just took a polaroid of it last year. It’s something I live by – partly because I am The Worst liar. Honestly my face goes red, I look at the floor, my ears burn, my nose grows and turns into a tree branch. Just that bad.

This little squiggle is in Birmingham’s Festive Pop Up Bazaar at the moment, which has been set up by a few entrepreneurial second year students from my lovely Margaret Street School of Art and it’s selling all sorts of arty, vintage and of course Chritmassy bits and bobs.

And finally we have something from gay Pariii…  actually it’s from a secret place which is possibly one of my favourite places in the whole wide world: Shakespeare and Co. It’s not such a secret any more, but it’s still a haven for bohemians, writers and artists alike.

I will have to write about it some time soon. It has a special place in my heart.

live, laugh, love! Happy Monday. x


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