Frozen moments.

I had yet another unhelpful tutorial today. To sum up my tutor, this is a small excerpt of our conversation today:

Chloe “She’ll be there until half ten”.

Tutor “OK we’ll see her before then, but I’ll do this tutorial first”

Time passes…

Tutor “Shall we go see her now then”

Chloe “But its 10.35 now so she won’t be there”

Tutor “Oh yes, I heard you say 10.30 but I thought you meant 11.30”.

OH MY GOSH. Frustrating yes!?

Anyway, in the absence of tutorial help I resort to throwing my life all over the internet!

So here’s a couple of things I’m thinking about working from… 8mm images, not digitally edited at all, just frozen at milliseconds of broken film reel, and a film. I’d just be interested to see if anyone else thinks that they’re interesting images or if it’s just me…any help at all most welcome seeing as the tutors are not doing it for me at the mo. Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s because my tutor last year was amazing. Maybe it’s just because it’s nearly Christmas so all I want to do is drink Amaretto hot choccy and flounce about in wellies.

Aramoana, New Zealand. 1956.

My Aunt aged seven.

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