Look! I found an art! …take me home…

After putting up our work in Bournville on Friday, I went for a wander around the Visual Arts studios and stumbled upon this little beautiful but dark set of pieces. The Visual Arts course is free to any media, technique, concept… so the work the students come up with is diverse and really very interesting. This was my favourite piece, but I searched high and low for clues to the identity of the artist to no avail. If she or he sees this then I hope you don’t mind me showing off your work, just thought it was slick, well presented and deserving of a post (and I’m slightly jealous of it); and if anyone knows whose work it is then please let me know.

Embroidered illustration. Enjoy…

Take me home. The Bible? The handkerchief? The shirt?                                                      Mysterious.


I don’t know if this little guy was meant to be there… but it’s oddly one of my favourite bits. Morbid much?


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