New year. New start. Shiny new calendar!

Celebrating the great grim grey British sea side. It’s ours and it’s beautiful just the way it is.

I spotted this Margaret Howell calendar today, whilst doing my lazy tradition of ploughing through every Sunday mag I can get my hands on. Today was extra special seeing as I was accompanied by A Christmas Carol, two big labs and a roaring fire – it’s so good to be back home for Christmas!

Howell produces a calendar every year to compliment her range of clothing and home wares,  this year’s Sea and Coastline calendar features work by twelve different British printmakers and is made in association with Emma Mason Gallery.

I’ve loved Christmas shopping this year, spending hours picking out, or making, the perfect present for all those special people and so maybe, just maybe, I can treat myself to this little gem. It’s a bargain, and you never know, it may actually turn me into some kind of organised person. Unlikely but I can dream!

Seven sleeps til Chrissstttmaaaassssssssssss!!!!


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