Driving home for Christmas…

A couple of days ago I did sit on a train while a very nice man drove us all home for Christmas, and this is what I came home to!

I can’t even describe how lovely it is to be back in a real house without a mouse infestation, where the carpets are actually fitted to the floors, we have hot water and not only central heating but a fire too. Oh I am spoiled!

Posts filled with glowing photos of pretty things aren’t not really my forte, I leave that to the fashion lot, however I am now back at Mum’s House and my gosh Mum’s House deserves photos.

I’m also currently waiting on Father Christmas to get around to fixing my poor camera who recently lost a lens during a gig, he’s only just hobbling along so I do apologise for the blur – I did say this wasn’t my forte.

Anyway, thanks to Mummy Hodge for making my Christmas twinkly and bright (apart from the tree, this year I did it aaallll byyyy myyyself)!



Whenever I’m back at my Mum’s baking becomes my primary procrastination technique…and blogging oops… So I’ve been making tiny mince pies and taking photos of the house, dissertation…? What’s that again…?

Now I’m off to make Hazelnut stars! At least I’ll always have a career as a 1950’s housewife to fall back on if the whole degree thing falls through…


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