What they don’t tell you about New Year’s Resolutions…

 These little’uns know how to do it…a perfect cherub to champagne ratio, don’t you think…?

Currently I am slightly dreading the evening, four days away, when I must sing in the new year with Auld Land Syne and accept that 2011 is over, and 2012 is here. This is not because I don’t have plans, new year’s eve itself should be bloody marvellous this year – I’ll be with people I love in a gorgeous little pub listening to folk music and drinking my own weight in G&T – it’s because I’m scared. I am scared of 2012.

2012 for me is finishing uni, finding a place to live, finding a job; it makes me feel woozy and sick.

January 2012 is even worse, January 2012 is “new year, new you!”, “How to lose that Christmas stone!”, “Make this year your best ever!”.

January = pressure for women the world over. FACT.

Every year we make New Year’s Resolutions: these evil little tasks we condemn ourselves to, just to make January that bit more insufferable. No, actually I’m in fact convinced that the real reason for them is to distract ourselves from the gloom of mid-winter England i.e. “I’m miserable, it’s probably not because my toes are numb and it’s dark at half-three, it’s because I’ve denied myself chocolate.” You see?

It also means we wish away our Januaries, as we look forward to the next month in which we can again allow ourselves down the sweetie aisle and try on clothes without wincing as we walk into the changing rooms (muffin top! MUFFIN  TOP!) I agree that looking to the future is the only way to get through these thirty-one days of darkness wherein Christmas is a faint memory and the next celebration is Easter, which isn’t even that good anyway and is preceded by Lent (more self-denial!).

It’s mad that we spend the beginning of our year, the worst part of the year, denying ourselves of most of the things we love and forcing ourselves to do things we don’t usually do – probably because we don’t have time for it and it isn’t feasible..? These are the months we should be saying yes to “would you like cream on top?” and sleeping ALL THE TIME!

Despite my dislike for traditional New Year’s Resolutions, they are most definitely an effective coping mechanism for winter and this I welcome. This strategy pleases me, however I still refuse to commit myself to reading more books, or going to the gym even more as -that just leaves you with guilt – and not just any guilt: disappointing, deflating, self-imposed guilt.

So I’ve decided that I will, like the rest of the nation ignore the existence of January through concentrating solely on my New Year’s Resolutions, but mine are going to also make me happy.

This is because I hate winter, and I hate January, but I especially hate the idea of stressing myself out because I have failed in some absurd quest of self improvement.

So here are my pleasant, peaceful and perky promises for January 2012.

Not resolutions,  just pointers.

Switch Off…

Learn to switch off. No more working all day at uni, typing through dinner and carrying on until midnight. It’s not healthy and it doesn’t make you happy.

Do not ‘pencil’ yourself in…

‘Me Time’ is important, but it often comes after everything else. In the new year, if I want to do something I will pen it in instead. Work is important, but sometimes it takes over.

Deny the Big G…

I refuse to feel guilty if I cannot fit in what I wanted to. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Simple.


I seriously need to learn the meaning of this word. It’s ridiculous. I could get stressed out about running a bath.

Note to self: have more baths.

Mix it up a bit…

Swimming, ice skating, theatre… all of these things can be cheap and I love them. We can all get stuck in a rut of going to the same places, doing the same things so I’m going to make sure I change it up a bit!

Finally, my favourite…

Say yes more!

Yes to socialising, yes to scary and new things – and scary new things, yes to working crazy hours (but only when you feel like it), yes to the ideas of others, yes to letting people in and yes to seeing things from different perspectives.

Yes to enjoying myself even though it’s third year and even when the going gets tough!

Personally, I think I’m far too closed minded sometimes, so this year I’m going to close my mouth, say yes and listen, and hopefully learn something.

Last of all, and it’s not really a resolution, but there’s a fridge magnet melted on to a dusty corner of my radiator, and on it is a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt: “Do one thing every day that scares you”, and I think old Ellie had the right idea there.

2012 may seem a little scary, but scary is exciting so I’m going to take Miss Roosevelt’s wise words and take every terrifying little day in my stride.

Bring on the new year – it’s coming whether I like it or not!

Happy new year everyone!


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