Their Wonderlands… Susanne Ludwig

I may live on the infamous ‘most burgled road in the country’ (the result of which I experienced TWICE over the Christmas break), however I also live a 5 minute toddle from the Midlands Art Centre, our Birmingham Mac -Apples smaller, uglier sister.

However there is nothing small or ugly about They Are Here‘s current exhibition which I popped along to see today. Brightened up my dissertation Sunday it did.

One of my favourites was this film piece by Susanne Ludwig, The Wind Can Always Turn, for which she waited by her tripod until a cathedral from a nearby balloon festival floated past the rolling hills of Egolfs, South Germany. Quite simple but magical – fairytale Disney meets surrealism – and a chance to spy a bit of German scenery which is some of my favourite in the world, and very underrated.

On a lesser note, the Mac’s arts scene is definitely underrated too as it’s out of the way for most people, which is unfortunate because sometimes it’s really rather good, most certainly worth a gander it’s Brum’s Barbican – but with Zumba too.


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