Come fly with me…let’s fly away…

Nina Katchadourian. Seat Assignment.

Usually at this time of year I’d be preparing to jet off to beautiful beautiful New Zealand to see the family, unfortunately I won’t be this year but at least that does mean NO 26 HOUR FLIGHT! Now that I’ve done the trip about seven times, and with the help of those screens-in-the-backs-of-seats, I’m almost used to it – I still have those “get me off this plane!” moments but I no longer feel like drowning myself in one of those tiny sealed cups of orange juice (the ones that spurt directly into your eyes and onto white items of clothing as you open them, y’know..?)

One woman who has mastered the art of in-flight entertainment however is Nina Katchadourian; this brave Californian took 30 flights to and from the US to Dunedin, South Island NZ (home to my lovely grandparents) and armed with only the standard bits and pieces provided by the airline staff and her imagination produced a series of works. I saw it at the Dunedin Public Gallery last year, it’s a hilarious set of photographs – we just spent ages trying to work out what exactly she made her elaborate costumes and clever little images out of…

Spot the shower cap…

First Up: Lavatory Self Portraits in the Flemish style

Birds of New Zealand – customised…

High Altitude Spirit Photography…

…Polo halo!

Needless to say, I still spent my flight back to the UK watching re-runs of Friends rather than creating masterpieces – poor excuse for an art student.

Hope you enjoyed Nina Katchadourian‘s quirky lot just as much as I did. x

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