I’d really like to know…

…what some people think of this!


I made it. I’m not sure if it’s better silent or with the birds.

I’ve had zero constructive criticism on it so far so I’m throwing it out there to the blog reading masses. If anyone does happen to flick on to this series of rants I call my blog, please do let me know if you like it and why, and especially if you don’t like it and why too.

Thank you very much anonymous readers.

You’re more help to me than that bloke I pay £3290 a year to teach me things. x


6 thoughts on “I’d really like to know…

  1. cravencreativity says:

    Hi Chloe,
    I just checked your piece out and I think its very creative. I like the birds, they add another layer of interest to the piece as a whole. Also, the windows/frames make me reflect back to the “view finder” toy that I use to play with as a child, pertinent being the subject is a child 😉 I like how each frame draws you in and forces your eyes to keep moving back and forth, very engaging! I like the black and white as well, makes it seem as if it’s a fond childhood memory 🙂 Overall intriguing work, well done.

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