Missing you Venice…Francisco Tropa at the Biennale.

I seem to be spending the beginning of this year rooting through every single sunny, blue skied photograph I have – winter blues has really taken hold!

Scenario by Francisco Tropa was one of my favourites from the Venice Biennale last year. Apparently simple but in fact each one a tiny technical masterpiece, Tropa lights up glass pipettes apparently dripping water towards the ceiling, minuscule sand timers, and dead bluebottles somehow slightly twitching and throws their silhouettes onto huge white screens. The strangest thing about the exhibition was how haphazard it seems with  screens dotted all over the room, beams and wooden planks randomly leant against them when in fact it must have been a logistical nightmare.

This Portuguese artist has got it all: brilliant little sculptures and huge ghostly projections. Very impressive.

Tropa isn’t exhibiting in the UK any time soon – he’s at the Istanbul Biennale this year but that’s a little far for most of us – so here’s a little clip instead. It’s almost like you’re in Venice, taking off your sunglasses as you step inside, shoulders warm from the baking sunshine, the taste of lemon gelato still lingering….siiiighhhhh….


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