Lickey Hills…be gone Brummie blues, hello wholesome happiness!

Yesterday we all got a little grumpy in my house – it was raining, Birmingham was greyer than grey, we had work to do and we didn’t leave the house, even a cheesy chic flic failed to remedy the situation.

So, today my housemate and I ventured out of the centre of Brum (shocking for us!) and discovered the Lickey Hills National Park, just a twenty minute bus ride out of town, and we were saved! Goodbye Brummie blues! Farewell winter woes! Hello healthy wholesome happiness!

We’ve now realised there’s no reason to run a hundred miles away to our mothers’ homes when we feel sad and stuck in this grubby city, in fact those mysterious sounding Midlands are right on our doorstep. It took three and a half years but finally I will start making the most of the beautiful bits we’ve so far neglected.

Sunday is Exploration Day from now on – stately homes, gardens and national parks get ready, 221 Pershore Road is out in force with wide eyes, flasks of tea and mittens!

I might even get a hat, y’know like the one from Jumanji.

Today, we swapped this…

For this…

Now all we need are these…

and most definitely to borrow one of these…

…anybody got one going spare?

Finally I’m ready to start doing some work. Procrastination has been exhausted and I’ve had my fill of Vitamin D and fresh air. Best medicine ever.


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