…art AND pancakes…? Oh yes!

Yesterday was a rubbish day – there were bad tutorials, there were tears, it was generally just. not. good. However what better to save the day than a batch of pancakes with the girls!?

After our fourths we decided to get a bit ‘creative’, however this only resulted in a few failed attempts at erm some body parts (girls will be girls) and my ‘man holding balloon’ who dribbled until he was ‘cross-dressing man on fire’. We may have had every condiment under the sun and we may have made a total of about seventy pancakes, however were still not a patch on the genius Jim Belosic – who I WISH I had discovered yesterday rather than today – this five Michelin starred pancake chef come artiste builds 3D pancakes in all shapes and sizes!

It’s incredible. There are ‘how to’s and recipes and all sorts on his website, and he has a book. Ahmazing.

I think it might have to be Shrove Wednesday today, Belsoic-style.


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