Laure Prouvost…eet.eet?eet!

I’ve been writing this presentation for uni over the past couple of days, it’s called The Pitch – basically we have to ‘pitch’ ourselves as an artist to a panel of tutors, sell ourselves, like  forced verbal prostitution for want of a better description – anyway I had to look back to the days in which I hated video art, and why this changed and this video is the answer.

‘It, Hit, Heat’ (or “eet,eet,eet” as the French artist confesses to pronounce it) is the only piece of Laure Prouvost’s work I really like but I really like it, and I  think that’s because it’s the first piece of video art that ever impressed me, and it changed my mind about a whole genre which is quite something in itself.

I don’t know why I like it – I think it’s the mix of synaesthesia, confused narratives and how well it engages with the audience, it was once of those experiences where you become so engrossed that when you leave the room you can’t quite work out where you are for a minute or so. I like that. I wish all art made me wobble like this…

Hope it confuses you as much as it did me.

…and a trivial fact: I met Laure Prouvost when working at Frieze last year, I didn’t know it was her though and I was tired and fed up and honestly pretty short with her. Still kicking myself very hard about that now, you should see the bruises.

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