Dan Hillier…”Hello kindly visitor…”

I first saw Dan Hillier’s work in a friend’s parents’ living room over the fireplace, I thought it was a quaint victoriana etching until I noticed his horned dandies and the tentacles sprawling from his sweethearts. I didn’t ever bother to find out the name of the artist until I noticed his work splashed across a tent at Hackney Wicked Festival  last year, his work’s a great mix of actually impressive draughtsmanship and the surreal.

Here’s what he has to say…”Hello, kindly visitor.  Light your pipe and have a wander through my website why don’t you? Most of my work is made by collaging elements of found Victoriana and drawing with ink using a dip-nib pen. I’ve been working as a full-time artist since 2006 and sell my work personally from this site and from The Sunday Upmarket each week, and also through solo and group shows. ”

Spiffing, what a splendid chap.

Hope you like his stuff, it’s nice to see an artist who can actually draw these days…

I must have of these, it’ll make my Tesco shop absolutely bloody marvellous!


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