Hannah Zakari… the best from independent designers across the world all in one place.

I was googling something the other day and in the list of images up popped this very sweet poster – ok almost sickly sweet – but I love it. Turns out it’s from the Hannah Zakari website which has lots of bits an bobs, artworks and cards, jewellery and accessories which are all guaranteed to make you – or a very lucky recipient – smile.

The company’s run by Rachel Lamb (there is no Hannah Zakari I’m afraid) with just three other team members, and everything on the website is made by independent designers who are often fair trade, socially conscious, eco-friendly and all that malarkey which is nice – it makes you feel slightly less guilty about spending and does small businesses, undiscovered creatives and the world a little good too.

Here are a few of my favourites…however I’m currently suffering slightly due to the motto displayed on this first card…

These posters and cards are by environmentally friendly Edinburgh based printing press, Take The Proverbial

My favourite pieces of jewellery from the site: Vintage Belt Bangle by We Dream In Colour socially conscious fashion, Twig Hair Pins (WANT) by Woodland Belle handmade jewellery, and this Skull Ring is by Michelle Chang who’s a jeweller and Etsy seller.

Amsterdam is b-a-e-utiful and I’m after one of these ‘Dam Jewellery Stands to remind myself of the place our Interrailing began last summer, made by Polli a socially conscious Australian company.

Next up some very cute, and informative, cards by Laura George who’s another Etsy seller.

…and finally Howard Dreams of Custard Creams and Shirley by Kate Wilson.

“Shirley lived by the motto ‘the bigger the better'”.

Hannah Zakari: cheery things to brighten up your walls, your days and your gift bags.. x


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