Ran away the blues…Race For Life!

This morning I was disgruntled, I was grumpy, I took it out on my blog and posted a bit of a sombre post.

Readers, I apologise.

To get rid of the blues I went for a run – some relieve stress with wine, I run away from everything instead – and hey presto! It worked!

Now I’m taking that running mood to Race For Life and trying to raise money for Cancer Research. Sadly I don’t think there’s a single one of us who doesn’t know someone who’s had to go through the grim treatment that is chemo, or has been affected by cancer in some way, so please help me raise money. If you’ve ever liked a single post I’ve written then a mere £1 would be a very much appreciated ‘thank you’. Honestly, any donation at all would be so very much appreciated.

A reward for any pennies may possibly be photos of my face, post-run, I look like the inside of a tomato. Juicy, pink and dribbling… 

If you’d like to help me to help Cancer Research beat cancer then please visit my donations page…



“that’s it, hand over your pennies and watch me sweat!”

And on a serious note, it would mean a lot, so thank you.



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