Green fingers…

I’m terrible at keeping things alive; I own one plant and that’s only because it’s at my Mum’s house, being watered regularly. I try, I really do – once I grew a bonsai from a seed, from a seed I tell you! That was, until my cat decided to use it as a toilet. We gave that cat away…

Anyway. If my house was clad with a Patrick Blanc vertical garden then I couldn’t miss it, it would thrive! No weeding required either.

Add to this a Paula Hayes Terranium – they can’t be so difficult…? However they do slightly resemble fish bowls – I once had a traditional glass fish bowl, so beautiful that I didn’t want to ruin it with a pump, so fishy died. Buried him with the cat…

Actually, the one thing I have proudly kept alive is my cactus. It’s been in a plastic pot for about hrmmm six years. That’s quite impressive I think (ok so they don’t require water and I haven’t looked at it in years, but still..).

So I reckon I could definitely keep one of these alive, living necklaces on Etsy by Gemsprouts. I have developed a penchant for interesting pendants.

Take a bit of green with you wherever you go, goodness knows we need that in this drizzly city today.


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