Pick Me Up again please…

I may have mentioned this a few posts ago, but Pick Me Up is back this year! Somerset House will be absolutely jam packed with illustrations, typography, graphic design, animation, film and installation from the most exciting up and coming artists based in the UK. It’s big enough to be amazing value for money but small enough that you don’t get exhausted (and if you do, last year there were giant bean bags in the film room to collapse on), there’s work to buy from just a tenner and, the best bit, I don’t think last year’s show contained one piece of boring art. Not one!

This year it’s on from the 22nd March until the 1st of April so I shall be pottering through at some point during my Easter break.

Last year, however, I went down on St Paddy’s day, so unfortunately my photo album ‘Pick Me Up’ is more of a record of every beverage served in every pub in East London – plus a curry – than a decent representation of the art fair. Anyway, I did manage to salvage these few piccies, if you like then head to Somerset House for an Easter outing. It’s only a fiver for a little cultchaaa, a LOT of inspiring material and for all that educational hard work you can surely reward yourself with a belated St Paddy’s bevvie!

I’m afraid I don’t have the names for every artist featured, but I’ve tried to hunt down a few.

The above image is by Seiko Kato, seriously amazing paper collage artist, and next up is Polly Becker, assemblage maker and ink illustrator.

Possibly more Miss Becker….

Julien Roure….

I’m afraid I’m not sure who the star sign etchings are by, I’ve been googling away but to no avail!

Last but not least, an alphabet illustration by Jessica Hische – her website is VERY nice. Worth a snoop.

Pick Me Up: most interesting art fair I’ve ever been to and all for the price of a Pret a Manger salad, can’t argue with that!



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