iPhone Art…more than just Fat Face.

I haven’t blogged since last week, tut tut tut… This is partly due to a nasty nasty man stealing my beloved iPhone from me on Saturday night. Oh well, I guess this is the mess you end up in when you head to a grimy dive bar with a £500 phone in your handbag – uninsured of course!

Anyway, in my hunt for a new baby I’ve discovered quite a few iPhone ‘artists’ – including Mr David Hockney himself!

Hockney is showing in A Bigger Picture, currently on at The Royal Academy – 50 years’ of work including recent iPhone and iPad paintings – not bad  for a 75 year old!

To be honest, although one of the most famous artists of recent years, Hockney’s not really my thing… So here are a few amateur iPhone artists I quite like the look of.

iPhone art, another thing that dirty pickpocket has deprived me of *sniff*

I want to be here….                                    or there….





…slightly hideous but I like..



When I do finally replace my lost one, I may be mucking about with more than Fat Face and Face Blur. Maybe. They are a lot of fun…


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