Chase and Wonder… Brits, balloons & dreamy draughtsmanship.

Whilst trying to hunt down a Birmingham-based screen printers the other day I came across Mission Print and, in turn, found Chase and Wonder : a company aiming to produce “fine examples of design and creativity”, set up by two childhood friends who fell in love (cue awwwww) and converted a cow shed in Worcestershire into the Chase and Wonder studio. A lot of the products appear a little Anthropologie, or Paperchase-esque, which is partly because the couple like to collaborate and partly because this sort of cutesy, slightly quirky style of illustration has become so popular recently – but I’m not complaining. I’d quite happily live in an Anthropologie showroom.

Chase and Wonder work with all sorts of people but also have an online shop for their pieces alone. Here are a few bits and pieces I picked out, all ready to send out to special people… or to add to my wish list.

First up, beautifully drawn and printed cards. With all that ‘naive illustration’ rubbish going about, I’m nearly salivating when I see decent stuff like this!

Above are the wise lime green words of Mr Oscar Wilde.

Nautical prints 🙂

I must have a Victorian hot air ballooning bicyclist on my wall….

…flying dandies on my bed…

…and thousands more to dry my dishes with. This is one tea towel that I will not use to soak up red wine. Tut tut tut.

There, have some nice bits and bobs to look at on a sunny day.


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