Popshot Magazine…young poet WLTM enthusiastic illustrator.

Trying to get into a magazine..? Failing to get an Internship with any of the big names (like me!)..? Like drawing or writing things…? Popshot is the place to start!

This British bi-annual magazine brings together contemporary poets and illustrators from across the globe, clawing back poetry from a reputation as that stuffy wordy rubbish best kept in the classroom.

…how it works…

Popshot only accepts poetry for a few months every year and at the moment they’re closed for submissions – but only ’til June which gives you a couple of months to bash out a few decent lines. However they’re always looking for new illustrators so you can email them with your website and they’ll take a peek! Those lucky enough to be chosen as a Popshot illustrator are sent each new edition’s chosen anthology and are asked to produce an image for each poem, next one of these is chosen and bada bing, bada boom there we have a set of sharp poetry and edgy illustrations to match: Popshot!

The Childhood, Love, Power and Liberate issues are still available to buy at just £6 a piece which is pretty good for what’s basically a small illustration paperback if you ask me.

I’m going to get started on some poetry – I’m not much of an illustrator but apparently I can do words all right.


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