Comica Comiket and being a mate.

I spent my last Saturday morning over by the Gherkin, trying to find a bank – FYI all banks in the business section are closed on Saturdays. The reason for this was that my little childhood friend, Bex, was selling some of her wares at the independent comic and ‘zine festival Comica Comiket.

I’m not really into superhero stories, but there was more than enough printing, illustration, writing and small novelty items to keep me amused. Which is where I come to Bex’s work: drawing, print, painting, collage and charming little books are her thing. She would kill me for saying ‘charming’. Bex’s books are small and cute (again treading dangerous territory here) but also dry, witty and politically aware – see the naively titled: The Day I Met a Fatty.

So if you like ‘zines, decent illustration (none of that naive-art bull…), and interesting little stories check her out.

Here’s few tiny tasters….

…lovely handmade screen-printed robot cards, and Tick, a book about a little steampunk robot and his quest to find a purpose in our modernised lives…

An excerpt from Rumble – the battle between Mike Bison and Trevor Bearbick (ahaaa..)

Finally a couple of snippets from The Day I Met a Fatty – which taught me that make-up does not make you stupid, and not to be scared of chavs. I wish all helpful life lessons could be learnt in this way…

…more to come from Comica Comiket in the next few days.

Thank you to Miss Bex Bagley for helping me to discover a new genre of doodles.


2 thoughts on “Comica Comiket and being a mate.

  1. beebag says:

    Hey you little nutter. I’ll forgive you for using the term charming, but only because you say such nice things. For seriously, thanks so much for all the help, this is the lovliest little post. Get more of your own work up on here! We want to know your inner most thoughts with regard to your stuff too!

    1. chloeeleanor says:

      aw I’m just glad you like it! I’m sorry I didn’t write much, I’m a bit poorly – not dealing with being back at uni very well at all! I shall post more work when I make more work, at the moment it’s all in flat pack wahhh..xx

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