Gemma Correll wrote a book about me.

More from Comica Comiket!

 Not only was I bringing my dear friend coffee on Saturday, I also got to have a good snoop at Comica Comiket and discovered this illustrator, Gemma Correll. I’m not normally into childlike drawings but I sort of fell in love with these Zines and prints – mainly because they actually narrate my life. It’s uncanny.

I am the above image at the moment, last three weeks of uni are killing me. Meh.

Anyway here’s a little insight into the problems of scatty, disorganised, hypochondriac, creative types.

And me.

…I leave a trail of these like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumbs…

…hypochondria vastly increased by third year stress levels…

…cats are far more interesting than silly pretty boys with tattoos on their necks and deep Vs…

…at least you can always rely on one thing to make it all better!

That is why tonight will be red wine fuelled, yay!

More pugs, cats, dry wit and less me-related-stories from Gemma Correll can be found here.


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