Antiques and strip clubs.

Furniture doesn’t normally pop up on my blog, but I’ve been redecorating and – apart from the dreaded fabric choosing palaver  – I’ve really got into it!

This fancy lot is London-based Lee Broom‘s Neo Neon range – weird,  but I kind of like it. It’s got just enough of the gothic, trashed up look for the neon lighting not to place it in a cheap strip club, and surely that’s all you need from a set of furniture!

The furniture used in this collection comes from Parisian markets and top-end antique shops, hence the slightly agonising price-tags, but you can find furniture like this in flea markets across the country – there’s an amazing one in Reigate, Surrey where I got a beautiful French chair for £70, but I think I could’ve haggled it down if I hadn’t been so desperate to get away from the insufferable owner. I shall find out the name when I go back there!

Got a boring kitchen chair? Hang a disco ball off the back and wrap some fairy lights around it and TA DAH: You’ve made a Lee Broom.

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