Saturday’s sunshine substitutes…

As is stretched and opened my eyes this morning, I peeked out of my window hoping for a few weekend rays of sunshine and was let down…Birmingham has maintained it’s usual grey for another day. Boo… But here are a few happy little prints from I Love Doodle on Etsy guaranteed to brighten up your days – courtesy of my brilliant manfriend who sent me the below I’ll Never Let Go print yesterday and without whose support I’d probably be falling apart without at the moment! That’s the sickly part over, promise.

Never Let Go

Bee Happy

You can can 🙂


Dandy Lions

That’d be me, hiding my head under the covers on Monday morning.

Three more weeks then I’m free and off to Pariiiiiiii’!

Anyone else feeling like their head’s stuck in a higher education vice at the mo…?

 SMILE. Tomorrow’s Sunday. The best day of the week, always. x

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