Magnificent Mini Moo Cards!

New business cards!

I hope you like them 🙂

Today will be spent recovering with my housemates so I’m making this a quickie…

…apologies for the rubbish pictures, I STILL haven’t got round to replacing my camera lens so it refuses to focus properly at the moment, and Photoshop’s on the blink. A very ill-equipped blogger.

I  could’ve gone for your standard Vistaprint order of 200 free business cards, but they’re dull and big and bulky so instead I paid a little for 100 Moo mini-cards printed with sixteen different stills from one of my film pieces. I like the idea of a couple of people picking them up and comparing their cards – Chloe Top Trumps – and the cards give a little insight into what I do so no one wastes their time looking at my website only to find they don’t like my work! Phew.

Stuck a sneaky QR code on the back just to prove that I am, in fact, down with the kids.

Happy Sunday.



2 thoughts on “Magnificent Mini Moo Cards!

  1. beebag says:

    Top Quality. Very tasty photos. For me, a business card is all about clarity and these look very practical and readable. I think it’s often really tempting, especially for artists, to try and get too artsy with them but it usually ends up defeating the purpose. Good job.

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