Forecasts, Fortunes and Funfairs.


We found one of these on the Brighton seafront a couple of weeks ago, in the amazing Old Fashioned Penny Arcade. Mystic Meg was very informative…

Your lucky day is Thursday

Your lucky colour is yellow

Oh not forgetting – Beware of that scrounging neighbour – you know who I mean.

The Meg never lies.

Here, have some toys, I’m too sleepy to write but look how pretty they are! This lot were collected over 40 years by French couple Fabienne and François Marchal, and recently auctioned off in Paris, too bad they couldn’t wait two weeks until I got there. I could’ve had my very own Professeur Kheudj’shi to wake up to every morning…sigh…


It’s the stuff of nightmares really isn’t it…?

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