Cacher à Paris…

I’ve been a little quiet recently – the last few weeks in uni combined with a weekend in Paris has left me no time for sitting at the computer! However today I am nursing a sore head due to a few too many celebratory drinks last night, I won an award from my university to go travelling (yay! more on this later..) and it’s been my birthday so apparently I had to drink my weight in Blossom Hill. Foul beverage.

Anyway I was in Pariiieee this weekend; I’ll only bore you with a few photos of fine food (I’m rapidly growing outwards) and beautiful buildings, then it’s onto my favourites from the Pompidou Centre..

I was quite disappointed by the Pompidou actually, the contemporary art section was a lot of French Minimalism and that’s not really my thing. I actually made the faux pas of mistaking artwork for, well, rubbish! A grey piece of foam leaning, LEANING, against a wall – can you blame me?

There were a few gems though, and upstairs the Modern Art section was really impressive. Not bad for free entry if you’re under 25!

This film piece was just displayed on a small screen titled Anonyme, but it captured me.

After some research I found that this piece was recorded in 1896 by Auguste and Louis Lumière and it features the Serpentine Dance choreographed by Louie Fuller: a pioneer of modern dance and the embodiment of the Art Nouveau movement. This film doesn’t feature Louie herself, hence the Anonyme title, but she was a regular performer despite having no formal training. Fuller made her own costumes out of silk which were illuminated by different coloured lights of her own design, but in the Victorian era it wasn’t possible to film in colour so to imitate exactly how Fuller’s performances would have appeared to her audience, this analogue film has been laboriously hand-tinted with stencils and coloured dyes.

Fuller is said to have been so enthralled by colour that she once had to be escorted from Notre Dame, after waving maniacally her handkerchief through coloured light pouring in through the stained glass and being mistaken for a mad woman!

Here are a couple more pix from Paris: origami birds made by children hanging in an old church in Marais, and my favourite place in all of Paris – the amazing bohemian half way house and ancient bookshop, Shakespeare and Co. 

….à bientôt!             x

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