Wolf Vostell… haphazard headlines.

A few weeks ago I was pottering along to Spitalfields Market after helping out my friend Bex at Comica Comiket and I bumped into a kindred spirit – another third year video artist stressing about THE FINAL SHOW – and we swapped webs and emails. Accidentally did that networking thing on my way to grab some lunch and look at over priced clothes, a standard Saturday morning. Anyway, he pointed me over to this artist whose work is a lot like mine, and who no tutor had ever informed me about.

So here’s one of my films – ‘Splits’ from my second year -followed by a couple from Wolf Vostell: painter, sculptor and the man who coined the phrase ‘de-collage’. His subject matter was the present so he began by making Happenings tearing down billboards and drawing attention to the aesthetics which characterised the ‘now’; as television took over the media he began to work with this, making incoherent montages of news programmes which leave the viewer to make sense of the chaos of the world.

Sun In Your Head – 1963 – Wolf Vostell

More from the Pompidou tomorrow, it’s nice to have my digital diary back!

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