Huis Clos… surreal, intimate, stunning.


This series was created by French photographers Amélie Chassary and Lucie Belarbi as an examination of our everyday habits, literally turning each subject into a personification of their daily routines. The title, Huis Clos, derives from a French play and translates literally as ‘in camera’, referring to a private conversation carried out behind closed doors; with this series, people’s privacies are exposed as they openly wear their rituals and routines on their sleeves.


Simply conducted but effective, and I think they’re pretty darn beautiful.



2 thoughts on “Huis Clos… surreal, intimate, stunning.

  1. calliegarp says:

    I am absolutely inspired by these photographs! As a painter, I am interested in the role costume plays in expression and identity. It occurs to me that the photographer’s use of fabric/clothing to connect the ‘characters’ in the photographs with their activities is a signifier of identity, just as much as costume might be. Aside from all that, they are beautiful images, with lovely light.

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