Shout out to all the little people!

Today at 5.15pm I was meant to be having an interview with an artist’s studio. However at 8.30pm yesterday they cancelled on me, via TEXT. Bastards. 

Having already booked my train from Birmingham to London, prepared all day, cleaned my room so it was a nice place to come back to and laid out my little impress-the-arty-folk outfit, I was less than impressed. There were slight tears but more anger, anger, anger!

I mean I’d at least have liked to have had the chance to be rejected properly, rather than never even getting to see the place. 

This is going to be the first of the string of rejections us graduates (ok, a near graduate in my case) have to take – and at least I feel like it can’t get much worse than this! Having the chance to fail properly is far more satisfying.

It made me think of all the little creative people I know who are making work because of their passion and how much they enjoy doing what they do, regardless of the monetary consequences. Of course most of them are making a nice tidy profit from their work, deservedly, but here’s to making art simply because we like it!

These are some little friends of mine who inspire me every day…








Yes I’ve just shamelessly plugged a load of my friends’ websites, but they work ridiculously hard and deserve every bit of attention they get!

Oh and while I’m at it I might as well even advertise myself…



Anyway, screw the big guys! We’ll get there and push them right off their high horses, hurrah!

I’m going to hop on my train to London and drink away my woes with an aspiring fashion promoter and writer/publisher/generally exceptionally-good-at-words-lady. 

Being ambitious is hard and frustrating but it’ll all work out in the end –

Karma innit.



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