Fifty Shades of Grey: get your graphite out!


I’m not going to lie: I shamelessly used the name of a current best-seller to ensure the most blog views today…well if everyone is going to go around openly reading porn then why shouldn’t I join in and lose my dignity too!?

Me and the pencil: we have, like Christian Grey and Anastacia (is it?), a complex love affair.

I’m scared of the pencil. I am an art student, a first class graduate in fact ahaaa, who cannot, will not draw. I recently got in with a Bafta winning film company to help make an animation, before pulling a sicky when I realised I cannot draw stills. I cannot draw even a stick man any more! Those ironic doodles annotated with “this is why I’m an art student” I draw on Birthday cards I give to friends are no longer ironic, they’re just sad.

However there is one thing I can do: draw tiny. Teeny tiny weensy tiny! And I’m going to start doing it again after seeing a few amazing tiny pics by Richard Forster and Paul Chiappe in Tate Britain the other day.

Drawing is cool again, and I like it. I wish art schools still taught draughtsmanship, instead drawing is actually shunned in art schools: when I recently told a tutor (naming no names) that I might go back to drawing and painting, she said “what, go over to the dark side?”

I love my film making, but let’s show a bit of respect for those few people who can weave spells with the simple, modest pencil and create something simple but beautiful.

– Oh and those, like Dhalton Ghetti, who can make magic with a sharpener. 


Dalton Ghetti‘s little leads


Paul Chiappe‘s miniscule masterpieces, eerie but so impressive.


And finally, Richard Forster‘s skylines, cityscapes and nudes – I especially like his faux wallpaper and masking tape. 

Honestly, I would never have thought these were drawings at first glance, you really could examine them for hours and you still mightn’t notice. If you fancy a stare, they’re on view at Tate Britain as a part of the Slow Looking: Contemporary Drawing which finishes in September.

Stay out of the rain and look at some lines.

I’m getting my pencil on!

Oh Christian…


p.s. apologies to anyone who has somehow managed to miss the Fifty Shades of Grey fad which has swept the country, and who therefore does not understand any of the references. I’m not all hot and bothered, honest!


4 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Grey: get your graphite out!

  1. chriswoodartist says:

    Don’t ever let anyone put you off drawing ! I teach an independent Advanced Life Drawing class and most of my students are either art teachers or students from the university (who shun life drawing) and yes you’re right “drawing is cool” ! There are so many ways to capture the essence of something – explore and enjoy !

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