Home maker.


Recently I had a few arty bits and pieces exhibited in the Mailbox in Birmingham, while there I pottered off to see what the rest of the Made In Birmingham expo held in store – and found the interior of my new home!

I wish.

The assortment of furnishings above is the work of Plant & Moss. Hand crafted in Britain, and designed by the two James Plant and James Moss, the design brand produces unique, beautiful quality pieces which I’d quite like in my house. If I had a house. I am currently “between homes” without even a key to any house…

First up is the Odd Couple’s bench. It’s just very cute, isn’t it, and manly enough for men to accept it into their homes too.


Unfortunately I’m also suffering post-uni debt so I’m probably going to have to settle with tying together a children’s stool and a kitchen chair – rustic!

Although the coffee table below goes against everything I believe in (I cannot stand imitating cheap old things with expensive materials), I did get to stroke it and it was glossier and smoother than any pallet I’ve ever met.

I like it, but it hurts.


Finally, the original clamp lamp. I am just making myself one of these with a G clamp and an old desk lamp. Done!

Although these pieces seem like simple ideas, and easy to make, it’s the fact that these two Jameses came up with the idea that pleases me. Two pallets as a coffee table? Pass any building site and you’ll probably see polystyrene cups balancing on a stack of them, but not many people would actually put that in their living room.



These lightbulbs below are gorgeous. You can’t really tell from these images on the Historic Lighting website but I sat under a few in a fantastic restaurant in Devon recently and they gave a golden, flickery glow to the room.


I wouldn’t mind one of these green lamps hanging over a thick wooden bench in my (future) rustic kitchen, holding an original Edison bulb, casting an orange light over me as I bake scones… sigh.

This rain is turning me into a middle-ages hermit. It must stop!

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