The oddities of Fanny’s… Farm Shop that is.

Fully embracing our country bumpkin roots, a group of friends and I headed off down to Gatton Bottom, Surrey yesterday to see what the famed Fanny’s Farmhouse had to offer! We heard about the farm shop and tea rooms from one of the girls’ sister, who had been to the Tree House there – Fanny has a Tree House and a Pudding Room you can book for up to twelve people, or there’s the tables in the tea room and outside for us regular folk who just turn up.

Next time we’re thinking of trying to book the Tree House as it apparently comes with a few more varieties of cake!

We managed to get a little sunshine on our side yesterday so we sat in the garden with mini quiches and scones – the food wasn’t amazing, but it was definitely tasty and it’s worth going just to see the place. Fanny has turned hoarding into an art form with curiosities ranging from your standard farm paraphernalia to mannequins and disco balls dotted around the gardens, as well as an assortment of animals.

Fanny herself is a bit of a dragon – I overheard her telling off a waitress,  and she’s not the friendliest of hosts – but she’s an entertaining eccentric, quite mad, and although her scones did not live up to Devonshire standards, she makes the damn best marmalade and jam I’ve ever tasted.

I said I wouldn’t buy anything yesterday due to lack-of-funds, but now that it’s 10am aka marmalade and toast o’clock, I am kicking myself for sticking to budget. When I have a few more pennies on my side I am marching back to Fanny’s, munching cake in her Tree House and bringing back jars and jars of marmalade. Hurrah!

Stone was dry! We were shocked.


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