Hidden Gems…? Calling All Magazine Collectors!


I have no idea where I found these – two magazines, one Leader from 1937, and one Illustrated from 1939 – and are they worth anything? I just don’t know! In times of need such as this, I turn to the internet, which has on this occasion failed me!

One site tells me a certain copy of Leader was sold for £350, another for £3, so I am completely bamboozled.

Usually I wouldn’t consider selling little items like these but in my current post-uni poverty stricken state, it is necessary to do my very own Cash In The Attic – and I always did like that program!


So if anyone has any idea of how much a mag containing Clark Gable and Greta Garbo from 1937 is worth, or somewhere which will actually give me a decent valuation then please do let me know and I will be eternally grateful.

For now, enjoy some photos without having to get your hands black with dust like mine.





Time to continue my job hunt – and possibly write a ‘proper blog’ when I get too disenchanted with that.


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