Jumping on the vintage bandwagon!

Since I was playing with 8mm film a year ago, The Boyfriend kindly passed on some 35mm educational films he found in an old school and I’ve been trying to find a projector for 35 mm film reel, not the more commonly used slides, ever since.

Tah dah!Revel in its beauty!

1949, 35 mm film and slide camera. Perfect condition. Yum.

No one can ever be bothered to buy things on eBay which are collection only, so the items are always ridiculously cheap – hence me getting hold of this little baby for less than £20!

So far I have no idea what exactly I’m going to do with all of these 35mm films about iron ore processing, South Africa and the prairie-land of the US, but being able to play them is a start.

So far I’ve only managed to hook up one film before my digital film camera’s battery died (see, analogue is so much more reliable!) but here’s a little taster.

movie 3 from chloe. on Vimeo.

Now all I need to do is to get on eBay, hunt down a Final Cut Pro programme and a macbook Pro for another £20 and I’m set!


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